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Sensor resistance automatic welding equipment

Sensor resistance automatic welding equipment

Application:It is mainly used in sensor welding, cap sealing and inspection processes
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Ø Features

 ØFully enclosed equipment, can be used with nitrogen;

 ØManual loading and unloading of pallets, automatically complete the welding process;

 ØIt can complete the capping process of TO-39 and TO-46 products;

 ØCCD camera recognizes the product location to ensure the accuracy of picking and placing products;

 ØDouble-station alternate welding to improve equipment efficiency;

 ØUse a full set of OMRON safety system (safety PLC, safety relay, safety door lock, safety light curtain) to ensure the personal safety of the operator;

 ØVisual programming, simple operation, convenient and fast maintenance;

Ø Technical parameters

Ø Picture display