"14th Five-Year" Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan


In order to accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in conjunction with relevant departments, recently drafted the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Intelligent Manufacturing Development" (draft for comments) (the deadline for comments is May 13, 2021) The "Plan" puts forward key tasks and clear goals in terms of design, materials, manufacturing, equipment, supply, management, standards, and related software and hardware The deployment of the "Plan" clearly depicts the development path of the manufacturing industry through the "six major actions" and the "two major phase goals"

     ——Six actions Including smart manufacturing technology research actions, smart manufacturing demonstration factory pilot actions, industry digital network transformation actions, smart manufacturing equipment innovation development actions, industrial software breakthroughs and improvements, smart manufacturing standards leading actions, etc

  ——Four principles Including adherence to market leadership, adherence to innovation-driven, adherence to integrated development, adherence to systematic advancement

  ——Clear goals for the two major stages By 2025, manufacturing enterprises above designated size will be basically digitized, and key enterprises in key industries will initially realize intelligent transformation By 2035, manufacturing enterprises above designated size will be fully digitized, and backbone enterprises will basically realize intelligent transformation

  Among them, the specific goal of the transformation in 2025 is that more than 50% of manufacturing enterprises above designated size have level 2 or above maturity of intelligent manufacturing capabilities, and more than 20% and 15% of enterprises in key industries and regions with level 3 and above The production efficiency, product yield, and energy resource utilization rate of manufacturing enterprises have been greatly improved